5th International Anatolian Energy Symposium 24-26 March 2021, Trabzon/TURKEY




The abstracts of proceedings will be uploaded via the Congress Management System in English and Turkish, not exceeding 300 words until 25th September 2020. For this reason, the person who will present the study/studies must register via the system and upload the abstract/abstracts. In the submission of abstracts, contents of the proceedings must be fully specified.


The keywords must be written with a maximum of 5 words. Since the referees determined by the subjected areas will be automatically assigned by the system, the topics must be specified while submitting abstracts.


Authors who have received acceptance for their abstracts, must upload their full papers written properly in the form of symposium template, into 5th Anatolian Energy Symposium with International Participation system, till 6th November 2020. The full paper file must be Microsoft Word document type and named author name_author surname_tittle_aes2020.doc”.


Please make sure that your poster meet the following conditions,


1) The poster size should be 70 cm by 100 cm.

2) All margins of the poster should be 2.5 cm.

3) The name and logo of the symposium should be placed in the upper left corner of the poster and the name and logo of the university of the poster presenter in the upper right corner.

4) Poster Name should be written in bold with a font size of 48 pt Arial character (care must be taken that the poster name should not exceed two lines).

5) Author Name (s) will be written in 36 pt Arial character and bold.

6) Author address (s) will be written in 36 pt Arial character.

7) The text will be given in two columns (31 cm x 83 cm each).

8) The two columns should be separated by a 3 cm gap between them.

9) Text headings should be written in 24 pt Arial character and bold.

10) The text should be written in 24 pt Arial character.



Click here to register and send an abstract to the Congress Management System.


Download AES 2020 Symposium Template (.doc)


Download AES 2020 Symposium Template (.docx)


Download AES 2020 Symposium Abstract Template


Download AES 2020 Suggested Symposium Presentation Template

Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Department

E-mail: aes2020@ktu.edu.tr